Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seller Spotlight: WINNER | The Fashion Dungjen

On Christmas I handed my laptop to my aunt and said, "Here, pick a contest winner from my last contest."

And she did.

With that, Celeste is the winner of Lori's scarf! Yay! Go Celeste!

Right now I'm in Wadsworth, Ohio, stealing someones Internet. Awesome. While I'm still connected I'm going to take care of things I need to take care of and then maybe do some updating with the fab gifts I received this year.

Did anyone get anything good??


Celeste said...

How cool!! Thank your Aunt for me! :)

I've emailed you my address.

Celeste said...

I emailed you the address again - hope it works this time! :)

Lori said...

Congrats Celeste! And have fun learning to knit! :)

Taylor, just send me the info to my site and I'll send it off!


Celeste said...

Hey Taylor (and Lori!) -

I emailed my address again (to the other email address you just sent), hopefully that will work this time!! Oh, and I just had a thought, Lori - I'll send it to you, Lori, too (thru etsy) just in case! :)


Celeste said...

Taylor - I contacted Lori and she's got my address, so no need to worry about trying to get my emails! :)