Sunday, March 15, 2009

ANTM audition chaos | The Fashion Dungjen

New York auditions for the 12th cycle of America's Next Top Model were over before they started Saturday, March 14.

Three people were arrested in the chaos that erupted from the auditions while another six were injured - only two sought medical treatment at the hospital, according to CNN.

Local radio suggests that panic began when a nearby car started to smoke and someone said there was a bomb. Witnesses also told the station a man jumped from a car and started snagging purses, according to Reuters.

My initial reaction to this is "HA HA." What could be less intimidating than a bunch of abnormally skinny girls in a stampede? Perhaps someone got a stiletto to the back of the head. Maybe a 100-pound model fell on top of someone (not like they were crushed to death). The video does show police breaking up a fight although it's hard to tell who's fighting.

Anyway, the auditions were closed after the chaos broke out in front of a New York hotel.

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