Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week in review | The Fashion Dungjen

What a week.

Let me just highlight some non-fashion related events for you:

Tuesday: George from The Oregonian called. In short, he offered me a summer internship. I nearly cried a little. Are you from Portland? Know anyone who is from Portland? I'm looking to make connections before I fly out there in mid- to late-June. It would be nice if there was someone I could mosey around town with, ya know? I've been stalking the city's Web site to learn as much as I can about Portland prior to my arrival. I've been looking at photos and mapping out things I need to do while I'm there, and I'm realizing that I might not ever return to Ohio. Plus, it's not as hot as Alabama. THANK GOD.

Thursday: Someone put poop in the microwave and nuked it. Yeah, you read that right. Poop, in the microwave. If you've ever wondered what that might smell like, consider the new asphalt smell, an unflushed toilet and farts. It was not pleasant. Don't ask who cleaned it up, I know I didn't, but I have no idea who did.

Friday: Aunt Jenni called. Said we're going to Chicago in September. Whoohoo! I've never been, so, naturally, I'm stoked beyond belief. Friday was also the last day of classes. Neat-o! My co-editor Liz and I were interviewed by WLWT, an NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, for our story on campus security. It aired Friday on the 11 o'clock news and again Saturday morning. I'm famous. Psych. Video still isn't on their Web site. Really wish it was, though.

Saturday: Found out Dirty Sally, my car, had been towed. It cost an astronomical amount of money to retrieve from the lot. The super nice people from Kenwood Towing have a sign in the "main office" that reads, "Bitch in training." Thank you for letting me know. It's not like I could tell when I called twice, you told me my car wasn't there, and so I called Cincinnati Police to find out it was. Then, you darling little towing friends of mine, you said you were not at fault when I asked why my rear-view mirror was no longer attached to my
windshield. You're only conducting business, I understand. Jackasses.

Today: Need to do some serious reading and studying. Exams are coming. Ugh. Also need to take photos for the 'Closet Fever' feature on That should be fun. I did clean my room yesterday, too. Excellent.

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