Monday, March 30, 2009

In my white T, Day 2: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Woohoo day 2! OK, so today’s outfit was an attempt to dress for the weather. Kind of difficult when the high is 60 and the low is 39. Thank you Mother Nature. Anyway, V-neck white T from Wal-mart, dress from Target, black leggings and Steve Madden boots. The hat was added just as I walked out the door because I noticed my hair looked kind of gross, haha. I put on the yellow ring again because it matched the floral pattern of the dress. I felt very artsy in this ensemble. As for the weather, I was freezing when it was 39 and way too warm when it was 60. Oh well. I have never been a fan of white, I felt like it brought out the paleness of my skin and the pink undertones more than necessary. But this week might just teach me that I can wear white every once in awhile, at least to layer.

*Editor's Note, Jillian looks like she is falling out of the window/has no head. I wonder which would be worse ... Having no head or falling out of a window. Assume you could still live and have no head - I'm going to go with not having head would be worse. What do you think?


Diana said...

hmmm even if you fall out of a window, you may end up having no head.

i love that hat!

Jillian said...

thanks! i got it in Chinatown, it was a great find.

I think I would much rather fall out the window than lose my head, if I lost my head would I be able to see?