Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In my white T | The Fashion Dungjen

It's going to be hard to top no-pants week. I mean, lets be honest ... no-pants week was pretty awesome.

But I love challenges, and it seems like most of you do, too. So, for this next challenge, we're not going to go without something, we've got to stick with something. Nothing but white T-shirts for an entire week. You know, those T-shirts you buy in a five-pack from Wal-Mart or Target. Yeah, those. I know, what's so special about a white T? Other than the fact that a white T-shirt and jeans is the ultimate American outfit (or so I'm told, anyway), nothing. They're plain. They're colorless. They're pretty boring.

But that's all a part of the fun, right? The point of these challenges is to be resourceful. Make the white T look different every day. Style it differently, be creative.

I already have two friends on board, but I'm asking a few others to participate. Expect to see some familiar faces from no-pants week. If any of you are interested, send pictures of you in your white T-shirt to Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself featured with a write up on how fabulous you are.

The challenge is scheduled for the week after we get back from spring break - Sunday, March 29 til Sunday, April 5.

Next week, spring break, I am dedicating to thrifting. I'll be with at least two of my best friends - Rachel and Alyssa - at all times so we'll have some serious work to do in the Akron/Cleveland areas. Expect lots of posts about our fantastic finds!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so in! This is a great thrifty challenge.

insomniaclolita said...

GReat idea, I'm up to another challenge, so far I cant see myself wearing white T in a week especially I have business meetings and gigs :(

Alyssa Ryan said...

I might be up for this... but I am going to need to invest in more white tees because I think I have one...

Thrift store, here I come.

Or maybe the boyfriend has some that I can borrow...