Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Security Breach | The Fashion Dungjen

First of all, I never really thanked anyone who made outfit suggestions for my on-camera appearance following a news story in The News Record. So, thank you, to everyone who gave me tips, tricks and outfit suggestions! It was much appreciated.

Anyway, Fox19 did interview Liz and I - it went really well. It hasn't aired yet, so I'm curious to see how it turns out, but here's something cool: We were interviewed AGAIN by WLWT after Liz and I did the same survey of buildings and wrote a second story.

I took all the suggestions from the first time and applied them to this outfit search again. It turned out it didn't matter much - our interview was outside so I wore my coat. BUT, here's me, on TV, anyway. Enjoy.
(Just click on the photo to view the video.)

Campus Security

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Thrice said...

I'm so sorry, my computer is so old and slow I can't watch your video :( I could just see a newscast presenter but this won't let it play. sorry.