Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pantsless, Day 1: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Jillian is a good friend of mine. She just got a new cat, Lilah. It's orange, cute. Lilah sleeps ... A lot. Anyway, Jillian is another one of those kind-hearted people. (Usually, anyway.) She's a second-year international affairs student at the University of Cincinnati, so her overall kindness might have to die a little later in life, but, for now, she's a-OK in my book. Not only is she super dooper nice, Jillian is the skinniest freak of nature I have ever met in real life. Seriously. That said, dear readers, open your hearts to my pal, Jillian:

When Taylor asks me to do things, I usually say yes before I really think about them. When she said, "Hey, Jillian, do you want to join me in my week without pants?" I said yeah! before I realized the possible implications. Luckily, my enthusiastic yes didn’t really lead me down a strange path, it just sounds like it did.

Once the rules were explained and I found out I would just be wearing skirts and dresses for a week, I was like, 'oh ok that’s no big deal.' Lately, I’ve become a huge fan of skirts and dresses so I am looking forward to this entire week. That said, getting dressed this morning didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.

I spent the weekend in Dayton and all I packed were three loads of dirty laundry, assuming that I would find a clean shirt and skirt when I had finished doing the laundry. Skirt? check … Shirt that matches? Oops. Shoes appropriate for a skirt? Oops. So, needless to say, my outfit today was a little off. Thank God I fixed it before we took pictures.

So the skirt is one of my faves. It’s brandless, ordered from Amazon and originally bought for Belly Dancing. It flows, it twirls, it’s fun. The shirt is nothing special, from Target. It was the only thing in the clean laundry that looked remotely OK with the skirt. In the picture I’m wearing flip-flops, but sadly I spent the whole day in Moccasins because a dog ate my tennis shoes and I forgot to bring flats. I looked ridiculous. Let’s hope that tomorrow will be better.

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