Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pantsless, Day 3: Alyssa | The Fashion Dungjen

So far, this whole "no pants" thing has actually gone pretty well. At least during the daytime. I like wearing pajama pants to sleep, so that has been an interesting challenge, but I had remained pants-less all week. Today, I opted for another SO T-shirt, this time in black, underneath a yellow dress. Top it off with black tights that come to mid-calf, and a pair of standard Converse. The shirt and tights both came from Kohl's (which is an awesome place to find deals - their 80 percent off racks are amazing), and the dress was found at a local Lubbock thrift store. I am particularly proud of the dress because I have had a difficult time satisfying my thrift store needs since I moved to Texas. Also, I am amused with the fact that I feel like a bumblebee. Maybe this outfit will double as a Halloween costume in the future.

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