Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pantsless, Day 3: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Day three went pretty well. I didn’t have to do too much today so I opted for a long skirt. Peasant skirts are a guilty pleasure for me. I know that they are not at all chic and that they can look very ridiculous, but I like to wear them all the same. I used to be all into hippie fashion, luckily I out grew that, but the skirts have managed to hang around. Today’s skirt was donated by my aunt who was a hippie in her day. I told her about No Pants week and she kindly gave me two skirts to wear. I have no idea where this skirt came from, but I really like it. The sequins at the bottom add some nice detail. Along with the skirt I am wearing another Henley from American Eagle and a tank top. To add just a little bit more flair(and to prevent the skirt from falling down) I tied a blue ribbon belt around the skirt waist. Shoes weren’t too visible but they’re super cute teal Mary Jane’s from Target. I like Mary Janes. They’re classic and go with almost anything. The skirt was a little cumbersome on the stairs but other than, it didn’t really hinder my normal behavior. I’ve found with a long skirt you don’t really have to sit like a lady, everything is still covered which is nice. The length also added warmth which is a definite plus.

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