Friday, March 6, 2009

Pantsless, Day 6: Alyssa | The Fashion Dungjen

My digital camera eats batteries like there is no tomorrow. So, today, I bought more batteries.

Thursday's outfit [not pictured] was a plain purple T-shirt from Forever 21 and a flowy black peasant skirt from Delia's. My feet found black leather flats, and I had an awesome white and purple bag with birds on it to cart around my school stuff. Wednesday, I stayed in my apartment in my nightgown all day.

Today's outfit consists of a black flowered dress and black flip flops. The dress came from a thrift store, and while I wasn't too keen on it when I first bought it, I rather enjoyed wearing it today. The flip flops were from Old Navy, and I had an old leather Nikon bag to cart around my junk today. I will confess: I miss my jeans. Yesterday, it was so windy that my car was being pushed around a little bit and I saw my first tumbleweed roll across the highway. Texas wind + Texas dirt/rocks + bare legs = ouch. My legs are unhappy with me, but they will survive.

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