Friday, March 6, 2009

Pantsless, Day 6: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

Today's dress was borrowed from my pal Alex. I saw her wearing it on her birthday and, when pants-less week was in the planning stages, I thought to myself, "Self, I really want to borrow Alex's purple dress." So, I called her up, said, "Girl, lemme borrow your dress." She said no so I walked to her place, kicked down the door, sprayed her with mace while tazing her and then took the dress out of her freshly-folded laundry.

Psych. Obviously none of that happened. I walked across campus around 1 a.m. (probably not the best idea I've ever had) to pick up the most excellent purple dress I've ever worn and put off wearing it for a day so I could end the academic week with a bang. And boy, did I go boom.

I spent a large portion of the day yanking on the hem of the purple American Apparel dress as you can see here in the photos. I even Tweeted this morning about just how scandalous I felt in this outfit. Sassy, but scandalous. Some profound and witty boy asked, "Did you just come from the rodeo?" Nope. I'm actually on my way. In fact, could you give me a lift? I hear they're looking for an extra clown to stuff in the trick car. Oh, and if your friends aren't busy, I was also told they need someone to shovel the pony poo. Meet you at your car in five, thanks.

And just to round out this little photo collection, Jillian was sweet enough to capture this image of my rear.
BAM. You can all thank her later when I post her day six outfit.

I really do love this dress though. Sorry, Alex. You might not get this back. Anyway, the cardigan (which I was wearing inside-out, doofus) is from The Gap outlet ($3, that's what's up) and the boots I thrifted in Cincinnati more than a year ago. They were glowing. I mean, really, glowing. I needed them. They were magically my size. Of course, I had to buy them. The belt is from Target. Oh, la la.

Tomorrow is the last day of the pants-less undertaking. THANK GOD.

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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Well at least you have great legs, so you can rock it! It's so hard for me to feel confident when I'm worried that my dress is too short. Totally negates the hotness of the dress.