Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pantsless, Day 6: Jillian

Wooh almost done. Day 6 was fun. I woke up today, ignoring the gloomy clouds and fierce wind, and decided it was Spring. I pulled my most springy dress from my closet and energetically put it on. The dress is actually my mother’s. She bought it sometime in her early 20’s. A few years ago she was going to donate it because she considers herself too old to wear it. After a half-hearted attempt to convince her that she is indeed not too old, I saved the dress from the Salvation Army and put it in my closet. The skirt is a little high wasted due to the time period it came from, so I wore a pink t shirt from Kohls on top. The flats are some of my faves. They’re plaid and were $4 at Target. That place is heaven sometimes. All day I was holding my dress down because of the wind. Quite a few times I found myself in the “Marilyn” pose and a few people quite possible saw a good deal of thigh. It’s whatevs, the dress is cute so it was worth it. It made me feel happy all day. Only one more day to go! And boy do I have a dress picked out for tomorrow, just you wait!


Thrice said...

I love this outfit...the combination of colours is bright and reminds me of Summer :)

Amy Schoenfeld said...

Taylor, I love your blog. It is just too cute. I'm not sure if "cute" is what you're aiming for, but I enjoy reading it nonetheless. And figures the weather turns nice as your pantless week is ending.