Thursday, March 26, 2009

Security Breach Pt. 2 | The Fashion Dungjen

This news segment aired on Fox 19 in Cincinnati last night - Wednesday, March 25. Fox interviewed us before WLWT, but it aired a couple weeks later. So, when I made that initial post about asking for input on what to wear for TV, this is what I chose.

For your viewing pleasure (just click on the photo):

Campus Security

P.S. That photo is of a door to a University of Cincinnati building that is supposed to be locked. (Indicated by the red light on the card access system box.) The door, however, is broken and didn't even close.

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Alyssa Ryan said...

Two years ago (I think), a few unnamed students and myself walked into an abandoned building on campus. The doors, even the front doors, were unlocked. It was around midnight.

There were old computers, televisions, etc. in the building (not sure if they were working or not), but we weren't interested in theft, just in exploring the building.

Still, if it's an abandoned building that is not being used for anything, why is it unlocked?