Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thrifting fun | The Fashion Dungjen

Well, hello! Did you miss me? I apologize for being incognito recently. I'm currently on spring break (Yahoo!) and I just spent the last few days at Oma's house in Wadsworth, Ohio, where there is no Internet. Ugh.

Rachel and I went thrifting at the Dayton Salvation Army last Saturday. It boasts a sign claiming it as Ohio's largest thrift store - I'm not sure I buy into that, but I didn't bother to ask if it was legitimate. Perhaps I should have..

Anyway, after thrifting we went and had a photo shoot in my driveway and then in some suburban construction zone. It was pretty awesome.

I didn't have as much luck thrifting as Rachel -she picked up those swanky teal boots at the Goodwill in Dayton along with that excellent tri-chrome sweatshirt. I saw the hot pink sweatshirt for $1 and couldn't say no. It's so bright. Tomorrow I am thrifting. All day. I have nothing better to do, so, you know, why not, 'eh?

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