Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In my white T, Day 4: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

OK, day 4! As opposed to Taylor’s view, I’m really liking white T week. I did not own a white T before this week. I had always just assumed white wasn’t for me. My eyes have been opened, I have seen the light (er white? Haha) and I can now honestly say that I don’t mind it. I like being able to play with my accessories and makeup.

Today I did an experiment with plaid. I ore my white T and plain blue jeans with a dark purple and blue plaid scarf from Target, light blue pink and white plaid ballet flats, a purple and white plaid cami underneath the T, and a bright pink and yellow plaid head band. Normally I would recommend great caution when mixing plaids, never a plaid top with a plaid bottom. But I feel like my plain T and plain jeans balanced it out nicely.

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Diana said...

this is classic. it never goes away no matter the trends