Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In my white T, Day 4: Gina | The Fashion Dungjen

Today, a kicky, campy, 80s number was my outfit of choice. I performed surgery on the white tee a few days ago, and I was concerned that I took off too much of the shoulder. I think I may have. I decided I didn't care and wore it anyway. I sported a bright pink satin ribbon, origins unknown, around my waist, a basic pair of jeans, and a pair of kitten wedges in exciting and eccentric plaid colors. I think I could really get used to the white tee life - it's classic, crisp and an easy way to approach clothing. I also can't wait to wear something else. :)


Diana said...

i'm gonna cave in and make enemies by stating you are my favorite white tee shirter. i love that red belt!!

gina Gaetano said...


you, diana, are a great woman. thank you so much!