Thursday, April 2, 2009

In my white T, Day 5: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

I know that yesterday I was a whiny baby about white T week, but today I'm at peace with it again. That's not to say, however, that I had an easy time getting dressed. Ooh no. Far from the notion of ease, in fact. I would feel comfortable saying I changed outfit at least 15 times - anything from changing my shorts, accessories or changing completely.

Yesterday I wore my favorite vest so I thought today I'd wear my second favorite vest. My friend Bri bought me this a couple years ago. She said it just screamed "TD." Well, I'm glad because it's excellent and very blue.

The shorts are from Urban Outfitters last spring, headband is from Kohl's. (Bought it on clearance for $1. Awesome.) Of course, my Steve Madden boots that I wear more often than underwear. The purple jacket I wore because I thought it would be a little chilly this morning trekking across campus. However, once I walked halfway to my first class I was already sweating. I love spring. And, in case you are curious, the jacket is from Kohl's.

I'm a little worried about tomorrow and Saturday, if I may be honest with you, dear readers. I am going to the Region 4 Society of Professional Journalists conference in Columbus and I think the desired dress code is business casual or something, though I'm really not sure. I'll stick to the white T promise, but I'll have to find a way to class it up. I mean, I'll be meeting potential future mentors and employers, you know. These are some pretty important people. Wish me luck!

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Diana said...

ah i love kohls! i was so surprised at all the cute stuff they had! i love the coat!