Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My size Barbie, Day 1: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

OK, OK. So, today is technically day two. I know. I fail. Whatever. Sean, entertainment editor at The News Record, was supposed to pick out my clothes for me on Monday. So, what he did, was show me a picture of Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation. She was wearing a gray skirt suit with a red shirt. I don't own a gray skirt suit.

With no one available to pick out an outfit, I just dressed on Monday. So, that, my friends, is why this is day one on day two.
I almost had to wear this flower on my head. I would have lost every single friend I have.

Today my good friend Mike Herrmann picked out my clothes. Mike is a fellow RA and a third-year biology student. He's good people. Completely outrageous. Does, says and wears some ridiculous things. I mean, really ridiculous. He owns a pair of gold lame leggings. Yeah, he's worn them. He's also borrowed a leopard
full-body suit and purple leggings from Rachel.

While "posing" for this picture Mike said, "Oh, I actually just licked this shoe."

Knowing just how outrageous he is, I knew he would be an interesting candidate for picking out an outfit for me.

We went through several outfit changes. He put together every look from a 13-year-old boy, an American tourist in China, grunge, Where's Waldo. My room is a disaster now, by the way.

The first thing Mike pulled from my closet is what I ended up wearing: a thrifted "Where's Waldo" - inspired sweater, dark skinny jeans and my Steve Madden boots.

I can legitimately say I am very glad I did not end up in leggings as pants or anything quite as ridiculous. So, Mike, thank you.

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