Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My size Barbie, Day 3: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

Hi. My name is Lumber Jill and this is my story. During Life Size Barbie Week, my friend Steve picked out my outfit. He originally planned to go for the country look but alas I had no cowboy boots or hat.

So he compromised. Plaid shirt, Eskimo boots, no make-up, plain hair. Add it all together and you get me, Lumber Jill. I was so inspired by my new outfit I decided to take on a whole new lifestyle.

I spent the day carrying around an axe and chopping down trees. I ate with my hands and didn’t cover my mouth when I coughed. I stayed outside all day and relished in my smelliness. Chopping down trees is hard work, but hearing that final crack when the tree falls is extremely satisfying. Don’t worry though; I’m an environmentally friendly Lumber Jill. All trees that I cut down will be properly recycled, especially since it’s Conservation Month here at UC.

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