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Stupid fashion rules | The Fashion Dungjen

There are so many fashion rules that are seen as acceptable for no reason other than it's what Mama said.

I don't get it. I think black is completely acceptable with brown and navy. I think white after Labor day is a
great idea. I also stand firm when I say that matching your shoes to your bag is a philosophy that was over in, like, the 50s.

The rules are meant to be broken, baby. For the hellian in you, here are some rules worth breaking:

1) No black with brown or navy.

Seriously, who came up with this? Black, brown and navy are three of my favorite colors separately, but, more importantly, they make up some of my favorite color combinations. There’s nothing quite as chic as an all-black ensemble with brown boots. Here’s why it works: All three colors are neutrals. Makes sense, right?

After catching some flak for mixing black and brown in an outfit featured on this blog - during 'no-pants week' I put together a point-by-point analysis on why the two are an excellent match.

Some wise women agreed that black and brown is the way to go.

“It's true, I've never thought twice about mixing black and brown,” said Sally Jane of the Sally Jane Vintage blog. “I even mix black and navy. I love it!”

Some, who were naysayers to start, had seen the light.

“No, no, no, no! It hurts my eyes!” said Thrice, another blogger. “OK, so I previously said I don't like mixing black and brown; you've shown me I can do it and look good … So I won't ever scold anybody for mixing those colors, but I won't wear them together either.”

2) No white after Labor Day.

False. False, false, false. This is probably one of the most outdated “rules” but still one of the most widely accepted. In warmer months it’s easy to subscribe to wearing white because it’s cool, bright and fresh – all words that one might associate with spring and summer. But, when you’re stuck in a rut next winter – pulling only navy, gray and black from your closet – a burst of white could actually do some good.

It’s definitely mixing it up, which is positive itself, but the constant stream of dark colors can start to take a toll on a person’s mood. It’s a correlation to seasonal depression which affects most people one way or another. People need fresh, crisp and bright colors in the winter months more than ever to lift their spirits.

3) You should always match your shoes to your handbag.

Admittedly, this may be a fashion don’t that isn’t actually done, but, regardless, it’s still something you might hear from mom or grandma if they don’t know any better.

This is kind of domestic 1950s housewife-esque. Sure, it could be a great excuse for buying new shoes and new bags every 30 seconds, but, unless you’re Oprah, who has the money for that? Instead of matching bags and shoes it would actually better to pull out accent colors. For example, if you’re wearing a blue floral shirt with small red dots at the center of each flower, play up the red. Wear red shoes, carry a red bag or find a belt to match. Not only will it make the red pop, but the outfit will look more complete.

4) Your underwear should match your bra or your underwear should match your T-shirt.

I kid you not, in highschool the girls in my class - Wadsworth, 2006 - would literally have entire conversations about their undewear and whether or not they were able to match it to their T-shirt of the day. You'd have the totally popular girls who, sometimes didn't have conversations to let you know their panties matched their top - you pretty much got an eyeful that would tell you everything you didn't want to know. I have no idea
who or where this originated, or why anyone ever thought this would be a good idea. How many of you have a bra with a pair of underwear that matches? And, if you do, it's probably not on accident - you likely picked it out with a purpose in mind. Am I right? In theory, on a daily basis, how many people are going to see your bra and underwear to make sure they match. And, if, someone is seeing your under garments every day, do you really think they care enough to pay attention..?

5) The length of your jacket must match the length of your skirt or dress.

Imagine walking around in a jacket that is just, perhaps, a little bit longer than your skirt. Your jacket is all buttoned and tied. People start looking at you funny, but you can't figure out what's wrong. isn't this right? Didn't Mama always tell you how to dress? Well, did you ever think that what Mama was telling you wasn't right? God knows that when she told you Santa wasn't real you refused to believe that so why trust her awful rules of style? It's not that people are probably nitpicking about your outfit if you're jacket and skirt are equal lengths. Nope, nope, nope.

My guess: You look like a flasher. You'll especially look like a flasher if you're wearing a low-cut dress or sweater. Awesome: a fashion victim and a decency perpetrator. Quite the resume.

6) Don’t mix metals.

I used to work in a jewelry store. I cannot tell you how often I hear this. People are more passionate about this stupid, stupid rule than they are Jesus. Seriously. This is so archaic. Mixing gold and white gold or gold and silver is completely acceptable; in fact, I believe in it so much that I do it on an almost daily basis. I love to mix my bracelets, my rings. Mixing gives an outfit greater depth and contrast. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t look bad. They don’t make two-tone gold for no reason, you know.

7) No leather or suede in the winter.

If you look closely at my header photo you’ll see that I vehemently disagree with this. Not only am I wearing a 100 percent leather vest, and not only is it summer, but the photo was taken in Alabama last summer. Talk about hot.

I think the idea behind the no leather, no suede rule is based on fabric weights, but if you choose pieces carefully and in moderation they can certainly work. Obviously if it’s summer and you can’t wait to wear a leather jacket with some leather pants you’re going to look like an asshole. (I don’t think a change in season would fix that.)

What am I missing? What are some fashion rules that were made to be broken?

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Super Careo said...

I am breaking ALL of these rules today (with the exception of the last one because I'm wearing pants): My black trench coat, a white button up shirt with navy accents under a navy vest, gray pants, black kitten heals and a brown purse. Rock!