Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wanna dress the fashion Dungjen? | The Fashion Dungjen

It felt so good to not wear a white T today. In fact, I didn't wear any white today, that's how sick of it I am. But, now that I have total freedom over my daily wardrobe, I am surprisingly anxious for the new challenge to start. This one, I think, will be the most interesting challenge so far.

For seven days, I, and fellow participants, will surrender fashion freedom. Each day, a new person - friend, foe, co-worker, stranger (doubt it) - will pick out our entire outfit. Style us from head to toe. I'm talking hair, makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories.

This could get interesting. I've already had a number of people ask if they can participate, apparently picking out my clothes is enticing to some people which, basically, makes me kind of nervous. But, I'm willing to go forward, so, next Sunday, let the games begin.

Since I give fellow editor Nick Grever a hard time about his clothes on a very regular basis, I'm going to give him first dibs on picking a day - if he's interested. I also have Kristy Conlin, Sean Peters and Amanda Woodruff - all editors at The News Record - signed up to make me over. That leaves three open spots. Who will fill those voids? I'm not really sure yet, but I'm sure once word gets out, I'll have a few people to choose from. Actually, to be fair, I'll probably let the blogosphere choose who dresses me if I have multiple candidates.

The only restrictions for my stylists: Whatever is picked out has to be conducive to what I have to do that day and it must be appropriate for the weather (i.e. no sending me out in shorts and a tank top if it's snowing). I'd say those are fair terms.

The first day of the next challenge will come to you Sunday, April 12 (Easter!). That should give me and my challenge doers plenty of time to find people to dress us. Want to be dressed by others? Want to pick out my clothes? Let me know, we'll make it happen. (I'm hoping someone will let me dress them! Wink, nudge.)

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Super Careo said...

Taylor - I love your blog and have been reading faithfully since no pants week. I know it might be hard to do it from three states away, but, I would volunteer to have you dress me. I think it would be awesome!

I can't wait to see what else you come up with!