Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bookbag! | The Fashion Dungjen

Remember my column about book bags from a month-ish ago?

"From what I remember, backpacks seemed to last forever – as a kid, having the most awesome character from a TV show or movie made last week’s bag outdated before you could convince your parents that you needed it to maintain your playground status.
Now, I’m stuck. I have the mentality that backpacks are still for kids. On the other hand, I feel that same mentality tipping toward the whipping out my debit card to buy one each time the straps on my tote rip a little more. (I’m waiting for the day it busts on campus spilling all its contents as I watch a tampon roll down
the sidewalk through McMicken Commons.)
It has to happen. For the sake of not chasing toiletries across campus, it has to happen."

Literally, the day after I wrote this column, one of the straps on the bag I had been carrying was reduced to hanging on by one single thread. And a mighty strong thread it was. But, alas, karma bit me in the behind and the bag became one with the dumpster behind my apartment building.

Two summers ago when I was in Alabama, I bought a huge-0-mungo bag for farmers markets and grocery
shopping. Now that I never have time for farmers markets or grocery shopping, I converted the large tote into a makeshift school bag. Now, though the lining is ripping and the bottom looks like it might break out.

At the end of my column I posted a cry for help. I had no idea where to start looking for book bags, what types were better than others. I got more responses than I could have imagined. So, with the advice of some wonderful ladies -- go figure, no dudes had any suggestions -- I broke down and bought a book bag.

Pretty, isn't she?


Nick said...

I take offense! I do believe I told you to steer clear from a leather bag on the way back from the mini-market. So yes, a guy did give you advice, thank you very much....

Katie said...

you should also check out the bags from Yak Pak! soooo cute!!!


Agh, Grever, I'm sorry! I forgot. I FAIL. YOU'RE RIGHT. I never thought I'd say that. Don't ever mention this. Or else.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would want to wait to inherit my beautiful red Dooney.
I was really ready to give it up. Oh well.


I'll take that too, Mom.