Friday, November 7, 2008

Bonjour shoes! | The Fashion Dungjen

Today has been a fabulous day, really, it has. I was able to interview Gregg from Girl Talk, I did some retail therapy (2 pair of shoes, 2 bras, a free pair of underwear and a new jacket) to make up for the stress of the last two weeks and got to hang out with my best friend. All of those things make up for the fact that it's Friday night and, as per usual, I'm hanging out in my room. Alone. In silence.

Anyone who read the last entry on the farewell to my favorite shoes probably got the idea I was a little upset. Perhaps a little too obsessed with my shoes. The time came, I handed the bag off to one of my friends and had them drop it down the trash chute. Oh woeful day.

As part of my retail therapy, I indulged a little. OK, I indulged a lot.

As a result of self-indulgence, I introduce to you my new shoes:

I almost missed these blue babies. Everything in the store, with the exception of clearance items, was buy two, get 20 percent off your total purchase. I had the taupe shoes (you will see them below) in my hands and I would have been satisfied with one pair, but my heart raced, palms were sweating and I think I almost peed a little when I saw these a few shelves below. They're beautiful. I had to buy them. So, uh, I did.

Navy is one of my favorite colors for fall. I love the simple gold detail and patent strap across the toe. And even better, they show a hint of toe cleavage. I love toe cleavage. Is that weird? It's not like I'm walking around, pointing at other girls' feet and saying, "Check out her toe cleavage, that's hot." I just like the way it looks in shoes. Shoes that don't have toe cleavage make feet look funny, like they were cut wrong. Long live toe cleavage!

These are my new taupe shoes. They have the same ones in black, and I think I may end up buying them also, but these will do for now. They're pretty similar to the ones I had to throw away, minus the peep toe. (Which will be missed.) They're a patent taupe with a wooden stacked heel. Again, toe cleavage!

My feet will be happy once more. And thank goodness, finally shoes that don't smell. I told the woman at the Steve Madden store she probably didn't want to be anywhere near me when I took my shoes off. She laughed like I was joking. Seriously, can someone pass me the odor eaters? Ew.

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