Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In my white T, Day 3: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

I have to start off by saying how thrilled I am that non-regular white T participants are tuning in and trying the challenge out for themselves. I've had more people tell me they're going to wear a white T this week than I could have imagined. If you participate, from whatever corner of the globe, send me your photos, a quick write up and I'll be happy to post it on the blog! Send any submissions to thefashiondungjen@gmail.com. I'm anxious to see what others can come up with! Anyway...

Today was a weird day. Well, weird in the sense that this is Ohio and the weather has schizophrenic tendencies. The high was supposed to be near 68 degrees, but I'm not sure it ever peaked past 50-ish degrees. Getting dressed had me a little conflicted, so I went with jeans - fail proof, usually. I opted to cut up my white T this morning at the last minute - my belt is inherently 80s so I thought I'd channel it a little further and do a mock up of an 80s workout video. If I believed in leggings as pants - and I don't, of course - I would have done that, too. Talk about being able to take the 80s too far.

Actually, speaking of looking like your from the 80s, I was leaving my European Civilization class this afternoon and two girls who looked like they'd eaten a bowl of "I'm trying really hard to look like an 80s rocker chic" for breakfast made a comment about another girl in our class trying too hard to look 80s. Uh... Mirror check, anyone? But, not, really, the 80s, much to my dismay, are coming back in fashion.

Anyway, today I opted for the same skinny jeans from Sunday, a thrifted belt (it's just one belt), Minnetonka mocs and jewelery - gold earrings and bracelets and some big rings, of course.

Here is a hilarious conversation surrounding my belt:

Tom: "Is your belt holding up your pants?"
Me: "What?"
Kristy: "It's called fashion, Tom. Come on."
Me: "I mean, does it look like my belt is holding up my pants?"
Tom: "I don't know, are you wearing really high pants?
Linda: "Are her pants invisible?"

*Photo guest stars: Dog-Dog, the stuffed dog, and Tooth, my shark. I've had Dog-Dog since the day I was born. He's my best friend - we don't spend much time apart. I'll admit, when he's not in my bed I have nightmares. It's pretty awful. Anyone else still rely on stuffed animals? (I still have my baby blanket that I sleep with, too.)


Diana said...

this look never gets old. maybe when you lived in the 80's it would but not anymore

T said...

Taylor..I totally have my baby blanket and my teddy bear from my first Christmas still, too. And sleep with them every night.prosi Awesome.,