Monday, March 2, 2009

Pantsless, Day 2: Alyssa | The Fashion Dungjen

My friends, you didn't meet Alyssa, a pants-less week participant, yet. It's day two, I know, I know, but her camera was fresh out of batteries yesterday, although she assures me she did not wear pants. I believe her. She's good people, ya know?

Anyway, Alyssa is a graduate student at the University of Texas. A University of Cincinnati alumna, she understands the weather we're experiencing here ... She was just smart and left when she had the chance. Anyway, I really like Alyssa. I've known her since my first year at UC - we lived on the same floor in Daniel's Hall. Actually, she even won a couple contests during the seller spotlight contests this last holiday season.

So, dear readers, meet my buddy Alyssa:

Hello from Lubbock, Texas. It was a wonderful 54 degrees this morning when I got dressed. Yes, I said 54. And sunny. I so do not miss the snow.

As soon as I saw Taylor’s ‘tweet’ about the week of no-pants, I volunteered to join her – from afar. I realize that I have an advantage over you Ohioans participating, but I have a whole different beast to battle: wind + dirt. The wind + dirt effect can be very… agitating on bare legs.

Today, I decided to wear a brown, knee-length skirt, a lime green shirt with matching lime green zip-up, and green and brown plaid flats. I decided upon this outfit because 1) I have school so I have to get out of bed today, and 2) my boyfriend woke me up early to go renew our lease on the apartment. I suppose that this is what I look like when I get dressed while half asleep.

I thrifted the brown skirt from… I think it was either the Valley Thrift or the Village Discount Outlet in Dayton. The green shirt and flats both came from Kohl’s, and were on sale. I love the SO plain t-shirts that they sell at Kohl’s. Snug, comfy, soft, and perfect for applying some sort of design to make it your own. The zip-up is from the Goodwill on Dorothy Lane in Dayton.

I opted for bare legs over tights today because I did not want to look THAT much like a tree. By the end of the day, it was warm and my sweater wound up in the backseat of my car. Also, I briefly got some strange looks when I put on tennis shoes and went to play soccer outside with my boyfriend.

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