Monday, April 13, 2009

Bra Busts Entry | The Fashion Dungjen

My Most Embarrassing Bra Moment: by Jillian S.

So I have this strapless bra:

Super cute with polka dots and I love it. Except that I’ve always had trouble with strapless things. I have a very small chest so there’s nothing really there to hold things up.

So one day there’s me, wearing a cute flowy top that happens to be strapless. So of course I’m wearing my strapless bra. I’m having fun, looking cute.

However I have to keep pulling the bra up to keep it in place. But somehow, I forget about this at some point during the day. Sometime in the late after noon, I go to the bathroom. While doing my business, I notice something strange.

My bra had slipped down all the way to my waist! And I hadn’t noticed! Who know how long I was walking around like that.

Needless to say, since the incident, I wear strapless bras with great caution and I check to make sure it is still there almost every two minutes.

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