Monday, April 13, 2009

Bra Busts Entry | The Fashion Dungjen

By: Jessica M

My freshmen homecoming my mom helped me go shopping for a dress; I picked out one that had no back. When I was ready to buy it, I told my mom I would need a special bra to wear since the back was bare. My mom said we would go shopping another time because, at this point, she had been shopped out. The week led up to Homecoming and I kept asking my mom to take me to get a bra. The day for Homecoming arrived and my mom still had not taken me to get a bra!!! I was mad and started crying like a silly 14-year-old girl (but hey, I was 14) and began to get creative. I took a strapless bra and cut off the some of back and duct tapped it underneath my armpits. It was very uncomfortable, but I had no choice. That night, while dancing in a hot room, sweat from my armpits made the duct tape come loose and I had to wear around a saggy bra the rest of the night. The lesson I took from that one: Don't ever trust your parents.

**A note from The Fashion Dungjen: Or maybe the lesson should be to not tape bras to your armpits..? :Wink:

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