Monday, April 13, 2009

My size Barbie, Day 1: Jillian | The Fashion Dungjen

My very, very, very good friend Stephanie D. picked out my outfit today. She is very practical when it comes to her wardrobe and I think she tried to bring some sense to mine. The first thing she did was look up the weather. Since it was supposed to rain she said you’re going to wear jeans.

“If it’s raining when you wake up, wear your rain boots, if not wear tennis shoes,” she said.

She then picked out a T-shirt from my closet. It has a print of Lucille O’Ball on the front. I had this big “classic actress T-shirt” phase and Lucy is one of the few shirts that remain. Stephanie also happens to be a fan and so she demanded that I wear it. Then, back to her practical self, she said that if it was cold I should wear my black jacket and call it a day.

Her outfit was very functional and I have to admit still stylish, it is easily something I would wear. However her comment on the amount of shoes in my possession was unnecessary.

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