Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In my white T, Day 4: Taylor | The Fashion Dungjen

So, I have this thing for vests. I really like them. I have many vests, my favorite is the one pictured here. (The leather vest in my header photo is my third favorite, if you must know.) I thrifted it in Dayton while on a quest to find a vest exactly like this one. I've never been so lucky in my thrifting endeavors.

Anyway, I'm really sick of white Ts. I cannot wait until this is over. It's starting to bore me and makes me want to punch myself in the face every morning when I'm forced to put on the same stupid T-shirt I've worn for the last two, three, four days. It's making me overly irritable, I think.

When I shone my flashlight down onto the parking deck behind Calhoun Hall a small gathering of University of Cincinnati Police was accumulating. I think they saw my flashlight and were suspicious. Oops.

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Diana said...

the vest threw me off. i love it.